Tours of the Supreme Council of the Arab-African Economy, led by Counselor Hani Abu Zeid, in a group of Arab and African countries.
Statement by Chairman AASC

Dr. Hani Hassan Abu Zaid

The idea of establishing the Supreme Council for the Arab-African economy was formed and developed simultaneously with the integration of some or all Arab and African countries into a single economic framework that removes the borders between Arab and African countries and creates economically and humanly strong countries represented by Arab-African Unity is an idea believed in by those who are looking for a successful economy in Arab and African countries, and since this idea puts forward the establishment of the council and includes Arab and African countries to reach an Arab-African Union while preserving the cultural specificity of the Arab and African countries separately, and then the council is based on removing barriers that may hinder movement and economic communication between Arab and African countries and With the aim of creating a homogeneous Arab-African economic zone and in order to achieve the desired goals, the council guarantees the freedom of movement of goods and commodities, the freedom of movement of people, the freedom of movement of services to make the Arab-African trade and economic exchange zone on a large and not limited level.

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