Network of Supreme Council

Business Men and Women Club
The Business Club supports traders, investors, and decision-makers in achieving financial freedom, offering office spaces, support, and shared expertise for professionals and beginners.
Center for Studies and Research
The Council's Center for Studies conducts approved economic feasibility studies across fields, enhancing economic balance and development.
Technology and Digitization Association
Post-pandemic, the council establishes an association, aligning governance with digitization for global economic development and investor support.
Association for Legislation and Dispute Resolution
The association oversees the formulation of Arab and African legislation to support economic integration, emphasizing friendly dispute resolution methods.
Association of Business Leaders
The association cultivates a new entrepreneurial mindset among young Arab-African leaders to compete globally through innovation and skill development.
Arab-African Economic Court
The council's court resolves internal and external disputes, developing rules for prompt justice with a chairman, two deputies, and experts in international law and economics from Arab and African countries.

Organizational Structure

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Yasser Elbakhshwan

Vice President of Council for Public Relations

Dr Hani Hassan Abu Zaid

President of Supreme Council for Arab African Economy

Dr Wajdi

Vice President
Council Policy

Protocols and Agreements

Council Agreements With

  • 1.Arab Influences Coefficient
  • 2. Al-Raqi Consulting Company
  • 3. Board Agreement with all Global Groups
  • 4. Peace City World Company
  • 5. Saudi Al Murshid Company
  • 6. Dakar Chamber of Commerce
  • 7. International Association of Diplomats
  • 8. Protocol of Cooperation of the Council with the Ministry of Livestock of the Republic of Senegal
  • 9. Solo Petroleum Company
  • 10. Arab African General Trading Company Under Establishment
  • 11. Arab African Livestock Company
  • 12. Arab African Agricultural Wealth Company
  • 13. Arab African Exploration and Petroleum Company

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