Economic Programs

Investment Funds
The council's investment consortium provides collective security investments with individual control, offering diverse opportunities, expert management, and lower fees for minimized risk.
Projects Development
Tailoring strategies to local needs, the council collaborates globally, employing a common methodology for city development that promotes economic recovery and fulfills its established goals.
Investment Promotion
Fostering investment, technology transfer, and private sector growth in Arab and African countries while developing human resources and safeguarding investors' rights and property.
City Development
The council launches the Investment Industry Program to rapidly support industrial projects in Arab and African countries, fostering successful partnerships with private, government, and public sectors.
Industrial Development
Recognizing its economic significance, the council prioritizes specialized infrastructure projects in Arab and African countries, supported by citizen contributions through taxes.

Membership at the Supreme Council for the Arab-African Economy

According to the concept of membership in the council, Arab and African countries, international governmental and non-governmental organizations, public and private institutions and individuals may apply for membership in the council.

Basic Terms of Membership

Terms of membership of international organizations
  1. A public or specialized international organization.
  2. Of a common nature of work with the objectives of the Council.
  3. The Board of Directors decides on the membership application based on the proposal of the Secretary General.
Membership Conditions / Institutions and Individuals
  1. A natural or legal person, public or private, Arab or African.
  2. Submitting a request to the Secretary-General and a letter containing the official declaration that he accepts commitment.
  3. The Arab-African Economic Agreement, the founding charter of the Council, and the headquarters agreement.
  4. The Board of Directors decides on the membership application based on the proposal of the Secretary General.
  5. The member is obligated to pay the membership fees to the council Membership becomes effective upon the member's payment of membership fees to the Council.

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