Objectives of Council


Establishment of an Economic System

Focus on creating a dominant Arab-African economic system, promoting peace and economic well-being.

Prosperous Economic Integration

Work towards a prosperous Arab-African economic integration characterized by steady growth.

General Policy and Planning

Take charge of formulating the general policy for Arab-African economic integration and cooperation, along with planning essential programs.

Market Protection and Investment Attraction

Provide protection to the Arab-African market and attract investments within a peaceful and stable environment.

Free Competitive System

Lay the foundations for a free competitive system in international trade and investment, preventing economic monopoly through optimal resource utilization.

Full Employment Focus

Strive to achieve full employment of human resources in both Arab and African countries.

Our Vision

Economic Decisions

Follow up the implementation of the Arab-African Economic Agreement and the relevant economic decisions issued by the council in coordination with the concerned authorities in the member and non-member states.

Project Expansion

Implementing new projects and expanding existing projects in proportion to meeting the needs of the market, solving technical, commercial and other problems, for all members from countries and businessmen.

Business Consultancy

Conducting market research and studies, preparing economic feasibility studies for projects and providing relevant guidance to specialized Arab-African expertise houses on the conduct of international trade.

Diversity of Economy

Enhancing the competitiveness and diversity of Arab-African economies.

Increase in Investments

A steady increase in Afro-Arab investments.

Free Trade Area

The declaration of an Arab-African Free Trade Area.

Trade Agreements

Signing multilateral agreements on trade in goods and services and investment procedures related to international trade .

Common Market Practice

Follow-up on the progress of work in the Arab-African Common Market in accordance with the council's resolutions

AI-Powered Economic Portal

Work on creation of an electronic portal for Arab-African economy supported by AI services, and creation of a huge database.

Economic Conference Participation

Participation in Arab, African and international workshops and conferences related to economic issues.

Promoting Economic Integration

Spreading awareness and knowledge about the Arab-African financial and economic integration and its positive repercussions on citizens,
institutions and the private sector.

Strategic Partnerships for Integration

Cooperation with strategic partners in drawing up future plans to support the Arab-African integration process .

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